Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Castle Timeline

Charles L. Castle spent nearly 20 years in the Syracuse, NY billiard table industry, working as a carpenter, billiard mechanic, book-keeper, and traveling salesman. But in the mid-1890's, his (probable) employer, the Benedict Billiard Table Co. of Syracuse, transitioned from building tables locally to selling tables that were made in New York City by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company.

Castle opened his own competing business, and in 1899, the C. L. Castle factory was up and running, initially employing just two people.

1880 Census shows Charles L. Castle as a Billiard Table Maker
1890 After years listed as a carpenter or mechanic, C. L. Castle now works as a book-keeper at the same address as Benedict and Brunswick
1893 C. L. Castle works as a commercial traveler (traveling salesman) at the same address as Benedict and Brunswick
1899 New York State factory inspection shows C. L. Castle manufacturing billiard tables with two workman, 60 hrs/week
1917 C. L. Castle's business closes after he experiences a serious hip injury

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