Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Benedict Timeline

The Benedict Billiard Table Co. produced highly inlaid, elaborately ornamented tables, and in the antique pool table community, Benedict is still the best-known of the old Syracuse makers. This is thanks not only to the artistry of founder H. A. Benedict, but also to the business acumen of the well-connected second owner, T. W. Meachem.

1875 Heman Allen Benedict, formerly of Skaneateles, is manufacturing billiard tables in Syracuse, NY
1876 H. A. Benedict advertises new and second-hand tables, private tables a specialty
1877 H. A. Benedict advertises the "Syracuse Standard Billiard Table"
1877 New factory location on Gifford Street damaged by nearby fire
1879 Thomas William Meachem, formerly of Auburn, NY, buys the Benedict Billiard Table Mfg Company, H. A. Benedict remains as superintendent
1882 Heman Benedict leaves to manage Syracuse billiard table dealership of J. M. Brunswick & Balke
1885 Heman Benedict leaves the billiard industry, Brunswick, Balke & Collender closes their Syracuse ware-rooms
1889 First advertisement showing the Benedict and the Brunswick, Balke & Collender (BBC) billiard companies at same address
1896 The Benedict company has exclusive territory for BBC tables in 31 New York counties, manufacturing seems limited to cue racks and carom plugs
1900 The Benedict Billiard Table Co. is incorporated in New York
1903 T. W. Meachem sells Benedict Billiard Table Co. to Brunswick, Balke & Collender Co.
1913 The Benedict Billiard Table Co. is dissolved

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