Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Babcock Timeline

The earliest billiard table maker in Syracuse, NY was Babcock Billiard Table Mfg., a two-generation family business that started soon after the Civil War and operated until the Great Depression. J. D. Babcock got his start cutting down the outmoded 12-foot billiard tables down to the newly popular 9- or 10-foot sizes.

1868 John D. Babcock, originally from Lysander, NY, advertises as a Practical Billiard Table Repairer in Syracuse
1871 J. D. Babcock is now advertising as a Practical Billiard Table Manufacturer, Dealer, and Repairer
1887 J. D. Babcock partners with John Wilbur Gould to form "J. D. Babcock & Co."
1894 Partnership with J. W. Gould is dissolved by mutual consent
1910 John D. Babcock dies at the age of 71, billiard company continues to run under his Estate
1912 Advertising changes to "Babcock Billiard Table Factory"
1916 Advertising changes to "Babcock Billiard Table Mfg., Ray B. Babcock, Proprietor"
1920 Marietta Betts Babcock dies, leaves billiard table business to younger son Ray B. Babcock, who has been managing it
1935 The business of Peter F. Gilboa, DBA Babcock Billiard Table Factory of Syracuse is liquidated in bankruptcy. Ray Babcock is a creditor.

Babcock provided billiard services for decades after the other Syracuse manufacturers closed, so their nameplate may appear on tables not originally manufactured by Babcock, by virtue of having been repaired and re-cushioned by Babcock in the 1920's or 1930's.

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